LHS Band Boosters Encourage Every Parent To:

Sign Up! Join the Band Boosters and be a part of your teen’s life!

Stay Involved! Volunteer for one or more committees. Make the time if necessary. It’s the best way to stay ‘in tune’ with your teen!

Stay Informed! Make sure we have your current email address, check for information on catband.com and our Facebook Page – Lexington High School Cat Band, Lexington, SC

Stay Active! Attend Band Booster meetings (usually held the third Monday night of each month, 7:00).

Get In Touch! If you need more information about any band activities, give someone a call.


Click to download  the Volunteer Background Check Procedures doc icon
 2017-2018 Volunteer Background Check Procedures

Click to download the Volunteer Consent Form

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2017-2018 Volunteer Consent Form

This form is required for ALL ADULTS who would like to volunteer with any school based program in Lexington School District One.


LHS Band Member Contact Information Sheet




LHS Band Member Contact Info Sheet


LHS Band Booster Club Membership Application


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LHS Band Booster Club Membership Application

The LHS Marching Band usually participates in four or five competitions during the fall marching season. These performances allow the band to practice their show in the competition environment and to receive ratings and critiques from judges. The critiques assist the band directors and band students in improving their performance. The Lower State 4A competition and the State 4A Marching Band Contests are held in October.


Community Business Contribution Form



2017-2018 LHS Band Boosters Executive Board

Director                        David O’Shields                       803-821-3535              doshields@lexington1.net

Director                        Amanda Pike                            803-821-3561              apike@lexington1.net

Director                       Timothy Baynard

President                      Karen Hall                                502-727-5600              President@catband.com

President Elect          Gwen Morris                            803-513-1171                Presidentelect@catband.com

VP. Membership       Christine Wilson                     803-546-6111               Membership@catband.com

Secretary                      Meagan Schneider                  803-240-8557              Secretary@catband.com

Treasurer                     Robin Ehrlich                          803-840-4948              Treasurer@catband.com

Treasurer-Elect         Stacy Dembitsky                     803-237-8537               Treasurerelect@catband.com

Member-at-Large     Kevin Burgoyne                      803-800-7468              Memberatlarge@catband.com

Parliamentarian       Tonya Reynolds                      803-429-4945              Parliamentarian@catband.com

Ways and Means       Lynette Sightler                      803-338-8868             Fundraising@catband.com

Band President

Principal, LHS           Melissa Rawl                           803-821-3400               mrawl@lexington1.net


2017-2018 LHS Band Booster Committee Chairs

Budget and Finance Robin Ehrlich                          803-840-4948             Treasurer@catband.com

Chaperone                    Chris Wayt                               803- 800-0540           Chaperones@catband.com

Color Guard                 Ashley Gable                                                                    Agable@lexington1.net

Concessions                 Mary Joy                                                                          Concessions@catband.com

Communications       Karen Hall                               502-727-5600

Equipment/Props     Loy Dillon                                                                         Transportation@catband.com

Hospitality                   Gwen Morris                            803-513-1171                 Hospitality@catband.com

Membership               Christine Wilson                      803-546-6111                Membership@catband.com

Ways and Means       Lynette Sightler                       803-338-8868              Fundraising@catband.com

Spirit                               Andrea Thomason                  901-517-8874                Spirit@catband.com     

Uniforms                      John and Kristen Hoog                                                   Uniforms@catband.com


The Objectives Of This Organization Are:

• To promote and maintain an enthusiastic interest in the various phases of the LHS Band Program.

• To provide financial assistance and spontaneous services for the LHS Band Program.

• To cooperate with and facilitate the work of those in charge of the LHS Band Program.

• To work diligently for the success of the LHS Band Boosters without financial reward.

This non-profit organization is affiliated with the public school system, Lexington District One, Lexington High School and operates under the auspices of the Board of Trustees of this system.


What Is A Band Parent?

A Band Parent is one whose child is the greatest! From the first note (squeak?) through the monotonous scales, the parent beams because this young musician is learning so quickly!

A Band Parent soon learns that it requires considerable hard work, time, and money to produce a quality band. After extending credit to purchase the instrument and finally locating a pair of khaki shorts (at the end of summer!), the harried parent is then introduced to fund-raising campaigns! This means selling hot dogs, popcorn, and soft drinks during football games (and every other sports event!) – and while the band is performing its half-time show.

A Band Parent is a calm, multipurpose machine who can bring order out of the chaos of getting ready for football games. Dad rushes to the cleaners to pick up the uniform while Mom locates the missing black sock, cooks a quick meal, sews on a button (again), combs hair, and herds the family into the van for the quick trip to be ON TIME for Call Time!

The next week, the game is away from home and the Band Parent becomes a Chaperone (that is – nurse, dispenser of hair pins, safety pins, tape, aspirin, shoe laces, etc.) and relives childhood memories on a loud, slow-moving school bus filled with shouting, singing, and sleeping band members. Or, the Band Parents drive to the away games just to see the half-time show and then realize that they will only see the backside of the band and hear the echo of the performance as the band faces the host stands.

A Band parent is one who criticizes the Band Director for calling extra practice sessions, praises him for instilling team work and discipline, and loyally defends him from outside critics for any reason.

On graduation day, a Band Parent is a relieved person. No more hectic scrambling on performance nights, no more fund-raising activities, vacations can be taken at any time and not just when the band schedule allows, no more – uh, oh…

A Band Parent is one whose younger child announces:

“Guess What? I’ve signed up for BAND!”


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