Concert Wear Uniform Distribution

Concert Wear Uniform Distribution

With our winter concert scheduled for Monday, December 7th, it’s time to start planning for our concert wear distribution.  Returning band students will receive last years uniform to try on and determine if it all still fits.  Exchanges will be made accordingly.  

 Freshmen/new guys will be measured for a tuxedo shirt that they will purchase and keep for their remaining concert band years.  The cost of the shirt is $22.00 to be paid by cash or check (made out to LHSBB)  the day of their fitting.  Shirts will be ordered and delivered within a couple weeks.  On the day of their fitting, the guys will receive a tux jacket, a pair of pants, a tie, a cummerbund, and a garment bag for storage.  Guys can plan to wear their dinkles or any black dress shoe for the concerts. 

 Freshmen/new girls will receive a pair of palazzo pants, a blouse, a pair of pearls, and a garment bag for storage.  They can plan to wear a comfortable black dress shoe for concerts.  Heel height should be considered when being measured for pants.  

 The following dates after school have been set for distribution:

 Mon Nov 9 – Seniors & Juniors

Wed Nov 11 – Freshmen/new boys (Any boy who needs a new tux shirt should come to the fitting.)

Mon Nov 16 – Sophomores

Wed Nov 18 – Freshmen girls

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