Concessions Help Is Needed

Concessions Help Is Needed

We continue to have many openings for concessions.  Your student can also volunteer to help, you earn points for every family member who helps in concessions, and now that Football season is over, we also allow your middle school age children to help in the stands.  Your band students are required to work three spring concession sports events.

Sign up using our VOLUNTEER page or directly on VolunteerSpot.comWhen signing up for a concession event, please make sure to select the correct number of family members you have coming to work. 

There is a button that will pop up on the screen when you select the sign up button, if you have additional family members attending with you, please click the + sign until the correct number of people has been selected. See button below.


Inline image 1

This helps us know how many workers we can expect.


As always we appreciate your help and we have many events usually 3-4 every week, so your participation helps other families get some evenings free from working every event.


Our Next Booster meeting is Monday January 18th, even though this is a holiday (MLK) for students we will still have a booster meeting at 7pm that evening in the band room.


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