New Band Parent Information

What Is A Band Parent?

A Band Parent is one whose child is the greatest! From the first note (squeak?) through the monotonous scales, the parent beams because this young musician is learning so quickly! A Band Parent soon learns that it requires considerable hard work, time, and money to produce a quality band. After extending credit to purchase the instrument and finally locating a pair of khaki shorts (at the end of summer!), the harried parent is then introduced to fund-raising campaigns! This means selling hot dogs, popcorn, and soft drinks during football games (and every other sports event!) – and while the band is performing its half-time show.

A Band Parent is a calm, multipurpose machine who can bring order out of the chaos of getting ready for football games. Dad rushes to the cleaners to pick up the uniform while Mom locates the missing black sock, cooks a quick meal, sews on a button (again), combs hair, and herds the family into the van for the quick trip to be ON TIME for Call Time!

The next week, the game is away from home and the Band Parent becomes a Chaperone (that is – nurse, dispenser of hair pins, safety pins, tape, aspirin, shoe laces, etc.) and relives childhood memories on a loud, slow-moving school bus filled with shouting, singing, and sleeping band members. Or, the Band Parents drive to the away games just to see the half-time show and then realize that they will only see the backside of the band and hear the echo of the performance as the band faces the host stands.

A Band parent is one who criticizes the Band Director for calling extra practice sessions, praises him for instilling team work and discipline, and loyally defends him from outside critics for any reason.

On graduation day, a Band Parent is a relieved person. No more hectic scrambling on performance nights, no more fund-raising activities, vacations can be taken at any time and not just when the band schedule allows, no more – uh, oh…

A Band Parent is one whose younger child announces:

“Guess What? I’ve signed up for BAND!”

Band Fees

• Band Camp Fee – $100 –

• Band Fee – $20 – due at registration and included in your registration fees for LHS.

• Instrument Rental – $20 – Students using school-owned instruments. Give to director, (checks payable to LHS.)

• Color Guard students pay an additional fee. Stephanie Hill will collect this.

Fundraising and Fair Share

band dasdTo fully fund our Band program for this school year, the Lexington Band Booster Club must raise $106,300. This money is used for a variety of things including paying drill writers, transportation charges, fees to enter competitions, feeding all the kids at competitions, uniforms, etc. etc. etc.! “Fair Share” represents each individual student’s portion of this $106,300 that must be raised. In addition to the fees listed above, “Fair Share” for the 2017-2018 school year is set as follows:

Marching Band Members: $400

2nd Band Student in Same Family: $300

Concert only Band Members: $300

Once a student has reached his “Fair Share,” dollar amount they will be able to start accumulating money in their account and it will be applied to next school year’s “Fair Share.” For seniors, balances carried forward may be used to cover expenses of younger siblings coming into the Band as long as there is not a break in the family’s participation in Band.

There will be several fundraising events throughout the year where a portion of the money your child raises can be alloted towards their fair share. These events include the fruit sale, yard sale, and membership drives.

You can also earn “points” when you volunteer for concessions, hospitality, chaperone, moving equipment, attending booster meetings, etc. These points add up to $$ that are applied towards the fair share. This is also a great way to meet other band parents (and get into games and competitions free!)

It is not important how you raise your “fair share,” we simply need everyone to do their part!! If you wish, you can write a check to the band for $400 and not participate in any fund raising events or volunteer activities, but we hope you will because it’s FUN!

Uniform Costs

Click “Uniform Costs” Tab for more information on the cost of Marching Band uniforms and Concert Band attire.


• Summer Uniform: Marching students must purchase a summer uniform shirt ($20) and provide their own Khaki shorts and white tennis shoes.

• Band Shoes for Marching Uniform: Students purchase band shoes, ordered during band camp for $36 (checks payable to Kathy Pickens).

• Gloves for Marching Uniform: Students will purchase gloves from the booster club. Gloves cost $3 for regular gloves or $4 for grippers. Parents: consider purchasing an extra pair – gloves are easily lost.

• New Color Guard students must purchase a summer uniform ($35) and provide their own white tennis shoes and anklet socks.

• Shoes for Color Guard: Students who do not have performance shoes, can order them during band camp for $30.

• Fall and Winter Guard Uniforms: Guard students pay $25 rental fee per season for costume.

exhibitionSummer Uniform

For performances early in the year while it is still hot, the marching band wears the LHS Cat Band summer uniform. Summer uniforms are worn for the first time at the Band Camp exhibition performance. (Note: Summer uniforms are not worn for practices.)

• Summer uniform includes a blue LHS band shirt (a golf shirt with the LHS Band logo). Percussion and color guard members wear different shirts. All summer uniform shirts are purchased during Band Camp.

• Summer uniform includes khaki shorts (finger-tip to knee-length) provided by the student. Percussion students wear black shorts. A brown or black belt is worn with the shorts.

• Summer uniform includes white socks and solid white tennis shoes.

Marching Uniform

For later football performances and all marching competitions, a formal marching uniform is provided for every marching band student.

• The marching uniform provided includes the jacket, the pants with suspenders, and the hat.

• Students must purchase black socks, black band shoes (ordered during band camp) and black gloves (available from the band boosters club).

• The color guard uniform reflects the theme of the competition show and changes yearly.

• Every student receives a clothes hanger, a blue hanging bag, and a blue rain poncho. Under the Marching Uniform Black tee shirts and shorts (not bulky) are worn by band students under their marching uniforms. This allows students to change their uniforms on the co-ed buses.


During concert season, all band students will wear concert attire for all performances. Boys attire is to be dry cleaned and girls attire is to be professionally laundered before turning back in.


• Boys wear the provided tuxedo jacket, pants, cummerbund and tie.

• Boys purchase a white tuxedo shirt (ordered through Band Boosters).

• Boys wear black socks and black shoes (clean marching shoes are OK).


• Girls wear the provided palazzo pants, blouse and necklace. Stud earrings may be worn.

• Girls wear the provided pearl necklaces.

• Girls wear black shoes and black hose (or black knee-highs).

LHS Band Boosters’ philosophy has always been to provide for every band student with minimal expense charged directly to any student’s family. Since Concessions provide a large portion of the band budget, every band family is expected to participate in concessions work. Band Boosters operate concessions for most Lexington High School sporting events and other events throughout the year.

This comprehensive schedule includes concessions teams for:

• Football – Varsity (two stands)

• Football – Junior Varsity (one stand)

• Football – B and C team • Basketball – Varsity and Junior Varsity Boys

• Basketball – Varsity and Junior Varsity Girls

• Soccer – Varsity and Junior Varsity Boys

• Soccer – Varsity and Junior Varsity Girls • Baseball – Varsity and Junior Varsity

• LOPAC Events – 3-5 per year

Concessions Assignments:

With the number of concessions slots needed to “man” all of these events (over 1000!) and the number of students in the LHS Marching Band, every band family will be expected to work 6 Concessions slots: 12 hours Fall/Football, and 12 hours Winter/Spring. Sign-up sheets will be available at booster meetings and you can sign up any time by using (a link is on the band web site

Remember, every band family is expected to participate by filling slots for 24 hours.

Families that are booster members will earn points for their hard work which will
contribute to the student’s fair share.

The LHS Marching Band usually participates in four or five competitions during the fall marching season. These performances allow the band to practice their show in the competition environment and to receive ratings and critiques from judges. The critiques assist the band directors and band students in improving their performance. The Lower State 4A competition and the State 4A Marching Band Contests are held in October.

Competitions are held on Saturdays and usually begin with an early call time at LHS and end late evening when the buses return to LHS. Students meet and practice for several hours before boarding the buses. Students should report before call time with uniforms ready in hanging bags. Students are served snacks and meals throughout the day by the Hospitality Committee. (Students may want to take pocket change for additional drinks, snacks or souvenirs sold at these events.)

Family, friends, and all supporters of the LHS Cat Band are encouraged to attend the competitions to cheer and encourage our band. Theme shirts and spirit items can be worn to identify LHS supporters in the stands.

Bus Return to LHS

school bus at competition• For every football game and competition, students are given a time that the buses should be returning to LHS. Parents who provide students with rides home must plan to meet students at school at this time. It is not reasonable to expect chaperones or the band staff to remain at school at the end of a long day while students call and/or wait for rides home.

• Parents dropping off students and meeting the buses after events should NOT PARK ALONG THE DRIVEWAY BEHIND THE BAND ROOM as the buses and equipment trucks must pull into that space to safely unload the band students and equipment. This includes all home football game evenings as well as competition days. Squad Activities

• The band squads are encouraged to develop camaraderie to boost squad cohesiveness. Good working relationships facilitate the learning and enhance the performance of the competition show music.

• Squad shirts are one factor that can contribute to squad unity. In addition, squads often choose to hold squad social events like breakfasts on the mornings of competitions. Parents should know that these events are not official band functions and that attendance is optional.

Marching Band Uniform Care and Maintenance


• Students will be issued: Jacket; pants with suspenders, and hat, rain poncho, hanger and travel bag.

• Plumes will be provided at performances.

• Black shoes, black socks, and black gloves will be purchased by the student


• Try on the pants with your band shoes. Legs and sleeves have snap hems, so no actual alteration will be necessary. If the snaps fail to adjust the sleeve or leg to the correct length, the student needs a different size.

• Uniforms should be stored on one sturdy hanger and in uniform bag when not being worn. Shoes, hat, and poncho are stored in the bottom of the bag.


Wear light-weight clothing such as gym shorts and T-shirts (not heavy jeans or oversized T-shirts). You will be dressing on the co-ed buses and your uniform will be worn over the shorts and T-shirt. Always wear a T-shirt (preferably black background) under your uniform jacket so that your jacket can be removed as needed for comfort.


• Wear BLACK socks with your band shoes.

• Wear black cotton gloves when in performance. Gloves can be put in the inside pocket when not being worn. You should have an extra pair of gloves, (they often get lost!).

• All hair must be cut short or pinned up under the hat and not touching shoulders.

• NEVER leave the stands or go in public unless in complete uniform (except hat).


• After each performance, uniforms should be checked to see that all parts are in place and in uniform bag, not left on buses or in band room.

• When you get home, take uniform out of bag, hang properly, and air-dry overnight so any moisture can dry.

• Repair uniforms as needed. Wash gloves and clean shoes so everything is ready.

• DRY CLEAN ONLY, as needed, prior to next performance. Don’t wait until the day before to check. Uniforms will be required to be dry cleaned prior to being returned to the uniform closet after marching season.

Band Point System

The objective of the Band Point System is to provide a means by which a student may earn money towards his/her fair share based on the work provided by the student (and his/her parents) during the year for band committees and events.


All band students may earn points by participating in band booster committee work and concessions.


Only Band Parents who are Band Boosters Members (i.e. who have joined the Booster Club) are awarded points for Band Booster activities. These participation points will be totaled in January and May. Boosters/Parents may earn points by:

• Participating in any Band Booster Committee activity; • Attending Band Booster Meetings;

• Serving as a Band Booster Officer or Committee Chair;

• Concession work


For the 2017-2018 school year, Points will be accrued at the following rates:

• One point per hour of committee and concessions work. Be sure to sign committee rosters.

• Attending Booster Club Meetings – One point per meeting

* Note: There is also another point system, the “Band Letter Point System” described in the Student Handbook. The Band Letter Point System covers many more student activities and assigns the points awarded towards earning a letter in band.

What About All Of Those Shirts?

Blue Band Shirts

The blue LHS band shirt for students is required as part of the summer uniform and is ordered during band camp. This shirt does not change from year to year. The only students who do not wear the blue band shirts are color guard and percussion students who wear their squad shirts (see below) with the summer uniform. Parents may also purchase these blue golf shirts with the LHS band logo. The spirit committee sells these shirts at booster meetings and at band camp exhibition. Families might want to wear LHS band blue in support of the band at football games. Parents who work on the equipment committee (i.e. on the sidelines during the football games) are encouraged to wear the blue LHS band shirt.

Theme Shirts

Theme shirts and sweatshirts are designed each year to reflect the theme of the current year’s competition show. In addition to the theme design on the front, the back of this shirt lists every member of the LHS Marching Band. Theme shirts are optional. However, students, parents, siblings, and community supporters are encouraged to purchase and wear theme shirts and sweatshirts to support the LHS Cat Band. Many supporters wear theme shirts at competitions to show support for LHS.

Squad Shirts

Many sections of the band (e.g. trombones, flutes, etc!) usually order squad shirts. Squad shirts are worn to promote squad loyalties and unity. (Note: Squad shirt designs must be approved by the band directors.) Squad shirts are optional. Only students wear squad shirts.

Competition Band Parent Survival Tips

PREPARE! Designate a “Band Tote” to carry your essentials throughout marching season. Good items to include are sunglasses and sunscreen, bug spray, rain gear, seat cushion, hat or visor, and a sweatshirt.

STAY DRY! Rain gear should include a poncho (or rain coat and rain hat) for when it rains at an all-day competition. It can really pour! Remember, umbrellas are stadium no-no’s (poke others & block views). Also include a large garbage bag to keep your Band Tote dry in case of deluge!

STAY WARM! Hard to believe now, but by the end of our performance season, you will probably need coats or blankets to survive the chilly evenings!

SHOW YOUR SPIRIT! Wear your Band Spirit Items or Theme Shirt to games & competitions. Let’s let our students and other bands know that WE SUPPORT THE LHS CAT BAND!

STAND TALL! Cheer for our LHS Cat Band students and always be polite towards bands and parents from other schools. Set a good example for our students and encourage the positive aspects of competitions.

HAVE FUN! And you will be filled with awe and pride when you see the fantastic performance that our LHS Cat Band can give!

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