CHANGES TO SCHEDULE – Beginning Oct. 12th

CHANGES TO SCHEDULE – Beginning Oct. 12th

In order to perform effectively for the remainder of the marching season, our staff recommends the following changes to our normal rehearsal schedule: 

 1. Beginning this week, all remaining Tuesday rehearsals will be from 6 until 9 in the stadium.  Two of these were already scheduled, and our athletic folks were more than happy to help us add this Tuesday evening.  That should give us additional time to work on field entry/exit, practice in uniform as much as is needed, and get a better feel for getting bells to the box, etc.  Students will need their full uniform, including hat and black shoes for this Tuesday’s rehearsal (Oct. 13).  Students should go home after school to complete homework,  eat dinner,  and then return by 6pm for the stadium practice.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to come watch the stadium practice this gives the students practice performing in front of a crowd.

 2. Also, we are going to ask the students to extend Monday and Thursday rehearsals by 30 minutes (until 6:30) for the next three weeks.  That will provide a little extra time to get to all the material without resorting to adding additional rehearsal days.  If we see after this week that we don’t need the additional time, we can always give it back to the students.

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