For The Cat Band, Their Families, and Fans…

For The Cat Band, Their Families, and Fans…

Dear Family, Alumni and Fans of the Lexington Cat Band,

I wanted to update everyone on our State Finals from yesterday. The Cat Band placed 7th out of 13 bands.
While this is not the placement or score that any of us hoped for I wanted to let everyone know how proud I am of our band students, our band leaders, and our parent volunteers. It takes a huge amount of commitment and effort from everyone to pull off a successful band season. We did our best and we need to be proud of all of our accomplishments.

Seniors, hold your heads high, you have been awesome mentors and leaders to the underclassmen and there are great things in the future for all of you.
Underclassmen, remember to be leaders and mentors to those students who will follow behind you.
This band is a unit, as long as you stick together and share the triumphs and disappointments together, you will be successful and have wonderful memories.

As your band booster president this year, I want to extend thanks to the past presidents who have shown me the way.

To Dr O’Shields, Amanda Pike, Ashley Gable, Kevin Shealey, Krista Aplin, Craig Davis, Adam Harmon, Jaye Ingram, Alex Mowery, Zach Harrington and the additional teaching staff, THANK YOU for the countless hours you dedicate to these students. They will all be better adults for having known you all.

To all of the parents who have volunteered countless hours to these students,
To the chaperones who ride the bus and take care of the students throughout the day,
To the uniform crew and guard moms who always have extra socks, gloves, and shoes, hair ties, and bobby pins ready for the student who forgets something,
To the hospitality crew who is always making sure the kids have great food and plenty of water throughout the day,
To the props crew who are the first to arrive every morning and the last to leave every evening:
They pick up rental trucks, load equipment, unload the equipment, pull everything onto the field and then take it off and put it back on the trucks to head back to school: when everyone else has left with their students, these people are still at school unloading the trucks and returning them back to the rental places the following day. These people never get to see any of the performances except for the Cat Band show from the back of the field. All of these people deserve so much credit, they do it because they care and they want to support the students.
We could not be successful without any of you!

I want you all to know, its not about the score, the score is merely a few peoples opinions. You all know in your hearts you did your best and knowing that you are all WINNERS. Hold you heads high, we are so PROUD of you all.
If you haven’t seen a show yet, we have one last regular football game on Friday Nov 4th and we are planning to perform the entire show (props and all).
Please come out to cheer the students and parents on a very successful season. I have truly enjoyed supporting this booster club this year and we have plenty of great moments still to come thoughout the year.

Thank you all,

Wendy Upham

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