Uniforms – The Proper Way To Show Up For Call Time

This is how the band students should show up at call time for Friday night’s football game and for Saturday’s competition:  Students should wear a recent year’s band shirt, this year’s theme shirt, or a plain black t-shirt (TIP – wear a black graffic t-shirt inside out). a pair of sport shorts, a pair of high black socks, and their dinkles (marching band shoes).  Students should bring their garment bag or blue gym bag containing their marching bibs, jacket, and rain poncho.  They should also bring their shako (marching hat) in the black case (pit percussionists and tuba players do not wear shakos).  Also, remember to bring their black gloves – many students keep them in their hat cases (percussionists do not wear gloves). 

Returning band students who received the same shako that they had last year MUST spot clean their shakos before this Friday’s performance.  Use a damp rag sprayed with Spray & Wash, Shout, or any other fabric cleaner and gently rub over the white areas of the hat.   

If you have any questions or need to make any uniform adjustments, I will be in the uniform room Friday evening around 5:15.  Bring money for gloves if you need them, $4 for grips, $3 for non-grips, make checks payable to LHSBB.  Here we go Cat Band!!! 

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